Ms. Barber's 
    Behavior Expectations



    Be Respectful



    ·        Voice Level 2 (inside voices) in office.

    ·        Listen to one another.

    ·        Walk back to class with Level 1 (whisper) voices.

    ·        Keep things that others share private.

    ·        Speak to and about others without name-calling.







    ·        Get permission from classroom teacher to be here.

    ·        Complete work you may have missed when here.

    ·        Be honest.

    ·        Admit when you have done something wrong.


        Solve      Problems


    ·        If you are here to talk about a problem, be prepared to solve it.

    ·        Try not to ask for help with the same problem if you have not tried previous suggestions to solve it.

    ·        Invite the person you are having a problem with to come to see Mrs. McDonald with you.

    ·        Stay on topic.

    ·        Involve only people who have something to do with the problem.




     Be Respectful
    • Look and listen to speaker.
    • Hands to yourself.
    • Be kind.
    • Be positive.
    • Raise hand to speak.
     Be Responsible
    • Follow directions.
    • Be in charge of words and body.
    • Be safe.
     Solve Problems
    •  Ask someone to quietly stop if they are bothering you.
    • Ask teacher if you can change seats.
    • Report things to teacher that are imporant.