(Classroom Guidance)

    Our school has a unique developmental guidance program developed by staff for the students at Almond-Bancroft Schools. It is just part of a total preK-12 School Counseling Program.
    Based on the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model [WCSCM] & American School Counseling Association National Model.   

    Each year, we will focus on three important character traits. Students will make meaningful connections between the character traits and themselves, their families and their communities.  All school staff are responsible for integrating our G.I.F.T.S traits into our school days and our interactions with students in order to create a safe environment and positive school climate. 

     We have developed three school wide behavior expectations as part of our PBIS program that work well with the concepts being taught in G.I.F.T.S. These expectations hold true in every part of our school including the playground. They are:

    1.) Be Respectful

      2.) Be Responsible

      3.) Solve Problems

     How can you help? By emphasizing the same behavior expectations at home too!    



    This important topic is discussed at least every other year with K-5th grade students. During protective behavior lessons students will be taught the


     When in a situation in which touch makes you feel uncomfortable:

    Say NO

    GO away from the person

    TELL a trusted adult right away.


    According to Wisconsin law, school personnel are mandated to report child abuse and neglect. The reporter must do so if they have reason to believe that a child seen in the course of their professional duties has been abused, or neglected or threatened with abuse or neglect and the person has reason to believe the threats will be carried out. Every instance of child abuse or neglect must be reported no matter when it happened or where it happened.