Series 100:  Board Operations
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    December 20, 2017
    The legal and official name of the school district is the Almond-Bancroft Public Schools (“District”).
    The District is organized and operated as a public school district under the Wisconsin Constitution, under Chapters 115 to 121 of the state statutes, and under other applicable laws and regulations.
    The District is a common school district that operates both elementary and high school grades.
    In addition to the public school grades operated by the District, the District operates such other programs and conducts such other activities as may be required by applicable law, and the District may further operate other programs and activities to the extent permitted by applicable law.
    The territory of the District is located within Portage and Waushara counties. 
    Legal References
    Wisconsin Statutes
    [school and school district classifications; names of school districts]
    [change of district type; ballot question and timing]
    [whole grade sharing agreements]
    [school district government; includes certain statutes applicable only
    to certain types of school districts]
    [school board duties; including responsibility for the general
    Management and supervision of the school district]
    [school board powers, including the power to do all things reasonable
    for the cause of education]