Series 100:  Board Operations
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    January 15, 2007
    December 20, 2017
    The School Board may retain an attorney or attorneys as needed to advise and represent the District in matters requiring legal counsel. The school attorney will serve in an advisory capacity to both the Board and the administration.
    A decision to seek legal advice or assistance on behalf of the District shall normally be made by, the District Administrator or Board President, unless otherwise specified by the Board.
    This policy does not limit Board members and other school officials from contacting sources other than the District's legal counsel for general legal information, for example, the Department of Public Instruction or the Wisconsin Association of School Boards.
    Legal References
    Wisconsin Statutes
    [annual meeting power to direct legal proceedings in which the district
    is interested]
    [school board power to retain legal services]
    [board president duties; defend and prosecute actions on behalf of district]