Series 100:  Board Operations
    Code Title:
    Policy Code:
    January 17, 1983
    March 9, 1993
    January 15, 2007
    December 20, 2017
    The School Board shall serve as the policymaking body for the District, operate within state and federal laws, and do all things reasonable to promote the cause of education, including establishing, providing and improving school district programs, functions and activities for the benefit of students.
    Specifically, the Board shall:
    1. Provide leadership for student achievement and concentrate its efforts on its policymaking, planning and evaluation responsibilities. 
    2. Establish Board policies that best serve the educational program.
    3. Employ a District Administrator as its advisor and delegate to him/her the authority and responsibility to implement the Board's policies and manage the District on a day-to-day basis.
    4. Adopt the District's annual operating budget and provide the financial resources necessary to carry out the District's mission and achieve District goals.
    5. Establish accountability measures for the District that focus on improving student learning.
    6. Establish annual goals that provide for continuous instructional improvement and monitor progress toward them.
    7. Utilize data and information on student needs to make decisions and modify actions at the District and building level.
    8. Encourage and support the professional development of District staff.
    9. Collaborate with the public, students and staff, and consider their opinions, desires and ideas in District decision making.
    10. Conduct official Board business openly.
    11. Evaluate the Board's performance, as well as that of the District Administrator, on a regular basis – identifying areas of strength and areas in need of improvement.
    12. Exercise the powers and discharge the specific duties imposed upon it by state law.
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