Series 100:  Board Operations
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    January 17, 1983
    March 9, 1993
    January 15, 2007
    December 20, 2017
    The School Board recognizes that it is critical for Board members to have a sufficient understanding of the duties, responsibilities, and functions of (1) the District as a whole; (2) the Board, as the District’s governing body; and (3) individual Board members, as District leaders and public officials. Therefore, the Board supports the ongoing development of the knowledge and skills of the individual Board members, and the Board encourages initiatives that foster the ability of the Board as a whole to provide effective management and leadership that is focused on student achievement. The Board further believes that a comprehensive and useful approach to Board development is carried out with the direct involvement and input of the District Administrator and includes (1) the identification of needs and opportunities, (2) the establishment of specific goals, and (3) the identification and utilization of both internal and external resources that will help to meet the identified needs and goals.
    In support of the Board’s beliefs regarding Board and Board member development:
    1. The Board directs the District Administrator and Board President to oversee the preparation and implementation of an orientation process for newly-elected and newly-appointed Board members. 
    2. The Board directs the District Administrator to identify and inform Board members of Board-development resources and opportunities. In identifying such resources and opportunities, the District Administrator shall consider any specific Board-development goals or priorities that the Board may have established and shall also rely on his/her own professional judgment regarding the needs of the District’s leadership team and the likely benefit or importance of a particular activity or resource to the District.
    3. If the Board has adopted a written plan that approves specific Board-development activities for the then-current budget year, the activities expressly identified in the plan do not require further approval. In other cases:
      • Upon the submission of a request by any individual Board member and in the absence of any other applicable Board directive, the District Administrator may, within applicable budgetary constraints, authorize a Board member’s (1) participation in a seminar, conference, or similar event that does not require out-of-state travel, or (2) attendance at a meeting of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards. However, if the District Administrator has concerns about the cost or the likely benefit or relevance of an event or meeting, or if the District Administrator prefers that the Board review and consider the request for any other reason, then the District Administrator may refer any such request to the Board.  
      • The Board’s advance approval is required for participation in a seminar, conference, or similar Board-development event or activity that requires out-of-state travel.  
    4. A Board member who participates in an external (i.e., non-District) Board-development activity that is not structured as a whole-Board activity shall coordinate with the District Administrator and/or Board President to determine an appropriate means of sharing new or otherwise important information, resources, and ideas related to the activity with the remainder of the Board.
    5. By following established purchasing and procurement procedures, the District Administrator or any individual Board member may request that District funds be used to purchase books, subscriptions, or other similar resources that further the aims of this policy or any specific Board-development goals that the Board has established. Unless clearly intended as an item that is to be retained by an individual Board member (e.g., when a personal copy of a particular resource is purchased for each Board member), physical copies of any such District-purchased resources shall be added to a library of resources that is maintained in the District Office for the general use and benefit of all Board members and District staff.
    Legal References
    Wisconsin Statutes
    [authority to pay the membership fee in an organization of school
    boards in this state and the actual and necessary expenses of its
    representatives incurred in attending meetings of such organization]
    [board authority to provide for the orientation and continuing education
    of school board members and persons who have been elected to the
    school board; authority to reimburse related expenses]