Series 100:  Board Operations
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    December 20, 2017
    The taxability and tax status of all compensation, expense reimbursement, and other payments that the District makes to, or on behalf of, the members of the School Board is determined by applicable state and federal law. Board members shall follow administratively-established procedures for claiming and substantiating all amounts for which payment or reimbursement is requested. Any Board member who incurs an expense for which authorization was not expressly confirmed in advance does so at his/her own risk that any subsequent request for payment or reimbursement may not be approved.
    Board-Authorized Direct Payment or Reimbursement of Certain Expenses
    Subject to applicable limitations on the type and amount of reimbursements as further established within the District’s specific expense reimbursement procedures, the Board authorizes the District to directly pay or reimburse a Board member for actual and necessary expenses that are incurred in relation to a Board member’s authorized participation in an orientation or continuing education activity, such as a seminar, conference, or similar event, or for a Board member’s authorized attendance at a meeting of an organization of Wisconsin school boards.
    The District shall directly pay or reimburse the same expenses for persons who have been elected or appointed to the Board, but who have not yet taken office.
    Board Member Compensation and Reimbursement Approved by the Electors
    Pursuant to state law, the electors of the District, at an annual or special District meeting, have the authority to vote or authorize any or all of the following forms of compensation and reimbursement for Board members:
    1. Annual salaries for school board members.
    2. The payment of actual and necessary expenses of a school board member when traveling in the performance of duties, which may include activities other than those activities expressly covered by the Board-approved reimbursements, as identified above.
    The electors may also modify or rescind any previous vote or authorization respecting such compensation or reimbursement.
    The current structure and amounts of the compensation and reimbursement that have been approved by the electors may be documented for reference purposes in an exhibit to this policy. However, in the absence of such an exhibit, or in the event of any discrepancy, the actual decision(s) of the electors, as recorded in the proceedings of the applicable annual meeting, shall prevail.
    Exhibit 1.  As approved at the October 18, 2017 Annual Meeting
    Director – Annual Stipend
    President – Annual Stipend
    Clerk – Annual Stipend
    • Board members shall receive the annual stipend for all regularly scheduled Board meetings, Special Board meetings, committee meetings, conventions, seminars and workshops during the year regardless of attendance.
    • Mileage and travel reimbursement will be made for actual documented costs.
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