Series 100:  Board Operations
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    January 24, 2018
    The School Board may meet in closed session only to address subject matter within the scope of the state statutes that authorize the holding of closed sessions. No discussions of any matter shall be held and no action of any kind, formal or informal, shall be taken by the Board while in closed session except as permitted by law.
    In order for the Board to convene in closed session, a motion must first be made in open session and carried by a majority vote in such manner that the vote of each individual Board member is ascertained and recorded in the minutes. In connection with this motion, and prior to any vote to convene in closed session being taken, the presiding officer of the meeting shall announce to the Board and to those present at the meeting the nature of the business to be considered in closed session and the specific statutory exemption(s) authorizing the closed session. The meeting notice and the presiding officer’s announcement shall describe the subject matter that is proposed for consideration in the closed session. The minutes of the meeting shall record the presiding officer’s announcement.
    The Board shall not commence a meeting, subsequently convene in closed session and thereafter reconvene again in open session within 12 hours after completion of the closed session unless public notice of such subsequent open session was given at the same time and in the same manner as the public notice of the meeting convened prior to the closed session.
    Public notice shall be given of all contemplated closed sessions in accordance with state law and established District procedures. 
    Legal References
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