Series 100:  Board Operations
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    January 24, 2018
    The District holds an annual meeting of the electors pursuant to the requirements of state law.  Special meetings of the electors may be called upon a motion of the School Board or upon the filing of a signed and otherwise sufficient petition. State law, rather than any Board policy, exclusively governs the notice requirements for annual and special meetings of the District’s electors. 
    Any annual meeting or special meeting of the District’s electors has only those powers as are expressly specified in state law. 
    The annual public hearing on the District budget shall be held at the time and place of the annual meeting. An annual fiscal report shall be presented at the annual meeting and entered in the District’s official records.
    Pursuant to state law, the Board Clerk acts as the clerk of and records the proceedings of each annual and special meeting. If the Board Clerk is absent, the annual or special meeting elects a person to perform these functions.
    At each annual meeting, the electors may set the date and time of one or more subsequent annual meetings, or authorize the Board to determine the date and time of the meeting(s). However, if no other date and time is otherwise established, state law determines the date and time of the annual meeting.
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