Series 100:  Board Operations
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    January 24, 2018
    The School Board’s business requires the active and direct attention of all Board members. Conducting Board business via telephone conference, video conference, or other technology is not a perfect substitute for the in-person dialogue and exchange of views that occurs at Board meetings. Accordingly, absent further action by the Board, a Board member will be counted in the quorum of a Board meeting and be permitted to participate in discussion and voting only when the Board member is physically present at the meeting. No individual Board member may be excluded from any meeting of the Board at which he/she is physically present. However, an individual Board member has no right to insist upon the ability to participate, in any capacity, in any Board meeting remotely via telephone conference or other technology.
    This policy shall also apply to Board committee meetings where the committee in question is a subunit of the Board, except that in the case of such a committee meeting, references to individual Board members within this policy shall be understood to refer to individual committee members, and all discretionary authority held by the Board under this policy shall be held by the committee.
    Legal References
    Wisconsin Statutes
    [public accessibility of board meetings]