Series 100:  Board Operations
    Code Title:
    Policy Code:
    166.00:  Administrative Rule
    February 21, 2018
    Upon being elected or appointed to the School Board, each Board member shall be provided with an email account on the District’s email system, and the Board member may use the account to send and receive electronic communications in a manner that is consistent with this rule and related policies and procedures. Each District-provided email account will be managed by the District, including the archiving of messages that are sent and received through the District’s system. The District Administrator will serve as the legal custodian of such electronic records on behalf of each individual Board member.
    Board members are strongly encouraged to use their District email account for all communications related to their public office, excepting campaign and election matters. Official email communications from any District employee to any Board member(s) will be sent to the Board member’s District-issued email account.
    To the extent a Board member wishes to have the District Administrator act as the legal custodian of records for any email messages that do not originate (as sent or received) at the Board member’s District-provided email account, the Board member must send an unmodified copy of the message (complete with all file attachments and showing all recipients) to the Board member’s District-provided email address such that the complete electronic copy is stored by and can be properly retrieved through the District’s email system.
    A Board member accepts increased personal responsibility for compliance with the Wisconsin Public Records Law (in terms of both retention of the records and production of the records in response to a public records or other lawful request) if the Board member (a) uses a non-District email account to send or receive messages that address any matter related to his/her elected office; and (b) does not provide a complete electronic copy of any such message to the District such that the copy is maintained on the District’s email system. Further, all Board members are strongly discouraged from using their primary home/personal email address, the email system of an employer, or the email system of another public entity for any communications related to their public office or to District-related matters.
    Each Board member who accesses and uses his/her District-provided email account does so under the following conditions:
    1. The Board member shall not permit any other person to use his/her District-issued
    1. No Board member may use his/her District-issued email account or the District’s computer networks and systems in any manner that would violate the law and/or the District’s acceptable use of technology policies, rules, and regulations that are applicable to District employees.
    1. The Board member may not use the District email system for the purpose of campaigning for election, soliciting political contributions, or advocating for or against any political candidate or referendum question.
    1. The email system and all communications and attachments sent to or received via the system remain at all times subject to the District’s ownership, care, and control.
    1. No individual Board member has any expectation of personal privacy as to any messages or other information sent or received via the District’s email
    1. An individual Board member’s use of his/her District-provided email account is subject to oversight and monitoring for legitimate purposes at the direction of the Board.
    1. The content of messages sent or received via the District’s email system may also be reviewed without advance notice by the District’s custodian of records, or by an authorized deputy custodian, in order to fulfill their duties under the Public Records Law.
    1. No Board member shall falsify, hide, or intentionally delete or destroy in a manner inconsistent with any legal obligation any records of his/her office or any District public records.
    Unless otherwise directed by the Board, district legal counsel, or law enforcement, the District Administrator or his/her designee will notify the affected Board member(s) any time (a) the content of the Board member’s individual email account has been accessed by a District employee or by an authorized agent of the District; or (b) the District receives a request for the production or inspection of the email records associated with the email account of the individual Board member.
    If a Board member uses his/her District-provided email account in violation of the law, Board policy, or this rule, the Board may take action to limit or eliminate the Board member’s ability to use the District’s email system.