Series 100:  Board Operations
    Code Title:
    Policy Code:
    141.00:  Rule
    January 17, 1983
    March 9, 1993
    January 15, 2007
    Voting for School Board officers shall normally be done by secret ballot. The officers shall be elected in the following order: President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Clerk.
    The current Board President shall have the duty of presiding over the election of officers, unless he/she is no longer on the Board, in which case the Board shall appoint a temporary chair by majority vote for purposes of presiding over the election of officers. The Board President or other presiding officer shall appoint a member of the District staff to count any paper ballots used in connection with the election process and shall then confirm with the School Board the method of voting that will be used to elect officers. The election process, to be repeated as many times for each office as is necessary to elect the officer, shall be as follows:
    1. The current Board President or other presiding officer shall make a call for nominations for the officer position to be elected. Any Board member may nominate any eligible person for the office, including him/herself. Nominations need not be seconded. Additional nominees (including nominees who previously declined nomination or who withdrew from consideration during a prior round of voting) may be added prior to each new round of voting for the office, if such additional rounds of voting are needed.
    1. The nominees (or any new nominee(s) added in a subsequent round of voting) shall be asked to accept or decline the nomination. If a nominee accepts the nomination, his/her name shall be included in the vote(s) for the officer position in question until such time as he/she may withdraw his/her name from consideration. If a nominee declines the nomination, his/her name is not included in the vote(s) for the position.
    1. Once the nominees for the particular round of voting are clearly established, a vote shall be taken by the method specified above, or by such other method as is selected by a majority vote of the Board at the outset of the organizational meeting. All Board members who are participating in the meeting, including all nominees for the officer position in question, shall cast a vote. In the event that there is only one nominee for an office, the Board may set aside any prior decision to use secret ballots by a showing of unanimous consent, and then conduct a voice vote or other type of vote to elect the officer.
    1. If a nominee earns a majority of the votes cast for the officer position in question, that nominee shall be asked whether he/she accepts the position. If the victorious nominee accepts the position, the position is filled and the process begins anew for the next officer position until all officer positions are filled. If the victorious nominee declines the position, or if no nominee earns a majority of the votes cast, the voting process repeats for that position.