Series 100:  Board Operations
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    February 21, 2018
    The Board President and District Administrator shall work collaboratively to prepare the agendas for regular and special meetings of the School Board.
    Each regular monthly Board meeting agenda shall include a period for public comment, which shall be included as an item of business in the public notice of the meeting.
    A consent grouping may be placed on the agenda for those items which are routine in nature or which would not be likely to require discussion or explanation as to the reason for Board action. All items placed on the consent agenda will be acted upon under a single motion. Before initiating any vote on the consent agenda, the presiding officer shall ask whether any individual Board member desires clarification on any item, and whether any individual Board member wishes to remove any item from the consent agenda for separate consideration. After all clarifications have been provided and all separations have been made, the presiding officer will call for a second on a motion to approve all of the items of business consolidated under the consent agenda, as amended by any separations; and the Board will then vote on the consent agenda. All items removed from the consent agenda will then be considered separately.
    The agenda packet shall be disseminated to Board members in sufficient time before the meeting so that the Board may give items of business careful consideration. As a general guideline, and with such exceptions as may be necessary from time to time, a meeting agenda (even if tentative) and the supporting materials shall be distributed to Board members and the administrative team of the District at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to each Board meeting.
    Public notice of the subject matter of Board meetings shall be given in accordance with the requirements of the Open Meetings Law.
    Consistent with the requirements of the Open Meetings Law, the Board shall refrain from engaging in any information gathering or discussion and from taking any action on any subject matter that is not appropriately within the scope of one or more of the items of business that have been included on the public notice for the meeting. This does not preclude Board members from commenting on an issue raised by a speaker during any public comment period, regardless of whether the issue has been included in the public notice.
    Legal References:
    Wisconsin Statutes
    [discussion during public comment period]
    [public notice of board meetings and scheduling of public comment period]
    [regular and special board meetings; includes board member notification of special meetings]