Series 100:  Board Operations
    Code Title:
    Policy Code:
    February 21, 2018
    Special School Board meetings shall be held upon the written request of any Board member. Such a request may be filed directly with The Board President or at the Office of the District Administrator with a copy provided to the Board President. The individual requesting the meeting is responsible for confirming that the request has been received as intended.
    The Board President receiving the written request, or his/her designee, shall ensure that every member of the Board receives written notice of the time and place of any special meeting at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.  If for good cause this is impossible or impractical, shorter notice may be given, but never less than two (2) hours in advance of the meeting.
    Public notice shall be given for special Board meetings in accordance with the Open Meetings Law and in accordance with Board policy. No business shall be transacted at a special Board meeting other than that specified in the public notice of the meeting.
    Legal References:
    Wisconsin Statutes
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    [exemptions to meeting in open session]
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