Series 200:  Administration
    Code Title:
    Policy Code:
    November 16, 2016
    January 3, 2018
    The School Board shall direct the process for recruiting and hiring the District Administrator. A District Administrator may be employed only by a majority vote of the full membership of the Board.
    As soon as it is known that the District may need to recruit and select a new District Administrator, the Board will hold a meeting (or multiple meetings, if needed) to identify key process steps and timelines. The Board may wish to consider issues such as the following during such meetings:
    1. Verification that the position description remains current and that it accurately reflects the Board’s goals and expectations for the position.
    1. Whether the Board wishes to provide any information in the specific postings/recruitment announcements that will supplement the position description (e.g., additional preferred qualifications and attributes, compensation information, etc.)
    1. Identification and review of general process options (e.g., processes used in the past, processes used in other school districts, etc.), including processes related to seeking candidates, screening applications, conducting interviews, and conducting criminal, professional and personal background checks.
    1. Whether the Board will form an ad hoc district administrator recruitment committee, and, if so, what responsibilities it will assign to the committee.
    1. Whether it is practical and desirable to involve the outgoing administrator in (a) establishing the recruitment and selection process; (b) actively participating in the process; or (c) planning and executing specific leadership transition activities.
    1. If the District has actively implemented a leadership succession plan in connection with an anticipated opening and evaluated how that plan may affect the overall recruitment and hiring process.
    1. Whether the Board wishes to engage the services of a third-party consultant.
    1. Review of the current district administrator employment contract, involving legal counsel as necessary or desirable.
    1. Communications, staff involvement, and community relations aspects of the recruitment and selection process.
    To the extent permitted by law, the Board or a Board-assigned committee may conduct candidate interviews, evaluate candidates, identify its preferred candidate(s), and address issues related to contract negotiations in properly-noticed closed session meetings.
    The Board may extend a conditional offer of employment to a candidate for the position of District Administrator that contains contingencies that need to be satisfied. Examples of such contingencies include obtaining a release from any other conflicting employment contract, completion of background checks, satisfactory completion of any mandatory medical examination, or reaching final contract terms that are mutually acceptable to both parties. Any conditional offer of employment that includes an unsatisfied contingency (including any of those listed above) is revocable by the Board if the Board determines that the contingency has not been appropriately and timely satisfied. Further, the Board shall not execute any employment contract with any candidate until all outstanding contingencies have been satisfied, unless District legal counsel renders an opinion that the contingency has been adequately incorporated into the individual’s contract and that the contract is either voidable or can be terminated at the discretion of the Board if the contingency is not satisfied as required by the contract.
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