Series 200:  Administration
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    February 21, 2018
    All of the District’s recruitment, selection, and hiring practices and procedures are subject to and guided by the District’s commitment to nondiscrimination and equal opportunity in employment, as further identified in related Board policies. The primary goals of these processes shall be to attract and identify a diverse range of highly qualified candidates who, if hired, will demonstrate a high degree of commitment to the District’s mission, to the District’s goals, and to their assigned duties and responsibilities, and who will also make positive personal and professional contributions to the District.
    This policy applies to the recruitment and hiring for positions of employment in the District for which the employee and the School Board will execute an administrator contract under section 118.24 of the state statutes, except for the position of District Administrator.  This policy also applies to managerial-level positions in the District for which the employee does not hold an administrator contract under section 118.24.]
    The Board, at its discretion and without being bound by any administrative recommendation, shall make the decision to employ an individual in any position covered by this policy. If required by applicable law, such a decision must be supported by a majority vote of the full membership of the Board.  Accordingly, no binding offer of employment may be made and no contract of employment shall be executed until properly approved by formal Board action.
    In making its discretionary employment decisions and to the extent consistent with applicable law, the Board may consider any aspect of an individual’s candidacy, including whether the Board finds the results of a candidate’s background checks to be acceptable – regardless of whether the administration also assessed such issues and found the candidate acceptable to recommend to the Board for possible employment.
    Unless the Board directs otherwise in connection with a specific position opening, the District Administrator shall define and oversee the implementation of the District’s practices and procedures surrounding recruitment, selection, and hiring for the positions covered by this policy. Different practices and procedures may be applied to different types of positions and to specific openings where the administration determines that there is reasonable cause for doing so. However, the following minimum requirements shall be observed in connection with the process that is used to fill positions addressed by this policy
    1. The District shall seek and consider applications that are received from both internal and external applicants for a specific opening unless the Board approves an administrative recommendation to first consider filling the position in question with one or more internal candidates via promotion, a change in positions, or reassignment (including via the application of any pre-defined leadership succession plan).
    2. The administration shall not recommend a candidate to the Board to fill a position covered by this policy unless the individual has participated in at least one personal interview for the position in question.
    3. The administration shall not recommend an external candidate to the Board to fill a position covered by this policy unless the individual assigned to conduct background checks has verified the candidate’s relevant employment history and the results of such verification are deemed acceptable to the District Administrator or his/her administrative-level designee. The process shall include a criminal background check.
    4. If applicable to the position, the process shall include verification of the license(s), or sufficient pre-licensure status, of the individual the District intends to employ.
    5. If applicable to the individual who the District intends to employ, the process shall include verification that the individual has been released from any contract that would prevent the Board from contracting with the candidate.
    6. Unless waived by the Board or unless the Board accepts an administrative recommendation to initially consider one internal candidate, the District Administrator shall structure the hiring process for any position covered by this policy such that either (a) Board member(s) selected by the Board will participate in at least one personal interview of the job candidate(s) prior to a candidate being recommended to the Board; or (b) the recommended candidate is interviewed by the Board prior to the Board’s consideration of the individual’s employment.
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