Series 200:  Administration
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    February 21, 2018
    The District Administrator and other licensed administrators in the District shall receive a written evaluation at the end of their first year of employment and at least every third year thereafter. If an administrator’s employment contract requires more frequent evaluations and/or particular types of evaluation(s), the administrator and the applicable evaluator(s) shall adhere to those additional contractual requirements. Further, beginning no later than the first year in which the District is required to use the educator effectiveness evaluation process, all principals shall be evaluated in substantial and material compliance with the educator effectiveness evaluation system for principals that the District implements pursuant to state law.
    Written evaluations shall be based, at least in part, on Board-adopted position descriptions, including the administrator’s job-related activities, and shall include observation of the administrator’s performance as part of the evaluation data. However, nothing in this policy shall be interpreted as a limitation on the number, scope, or type of formal or informal performance evaluations that may be conducted with respect to administrators. The District may place different employees holding similar positions on different evaluation schedules and use different evaluation procedures or methods based upon, for example, the District’s identification of a need for an employee to improve performance in one or more areas.
    The Board shall be responsible for the District Administrator’s evaluation, including determining the specific criteria and procedures it will use in assessing the District Administrator’s performance. The District Administrator shall notify the Board President of any required or agreed-upon dates by which his/her evaluations are to be conducted, and the Board President shall work with the District Administrator to ensure that sufficient meetings are scheduled so that the evaluation process can reach its conclusion in a timely fashion.
    The District Administrator shall be responsible for the evaluation of other administrators in the District and shall either perform those evaluations himself/herself or shall direct that those evaluations be performed by other persons who have the training, knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate licensed administrative personnel. The Board delegates to the District Administrator the responsibility for defining and implementing a systematic program of evaluation for other administrative staff covered by this policy. The District Administrator shall inform the Board of any significant changes to the District’s administrative staff evaluation processes as implemented under this policy.
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