Series 200:  Administration
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    February 21, 2018
    The District’s Employee Handbook(s) contain provisions that are derived from or reflective of a variety of sources, including applicable laws and regulations, District policies and procedures, and statements of managerial expectations for employees. The provisions of the Employee Handbook also serve a variety of purposes, including the following:
    1. Establishing the District’s compliance with certain legal requirements;
    2. Giving notice of certain rights, responsibilities, and obligations;
    3. Identifying certain conditions of employment; and
    4. Serving as a reference document for various employment-related practices and procedures.
    Neither the Employee Handbook as a whole nor any specific provision within the Handbook:
    1. Constitutes or creates an employment contract, or any other type of contract, between the District and any employee;
    2. Modifies, adds to, or subtracts from the terms of any contract that may be held by an individual employee, except to the extent that such contract expressly incorporates one or more Employee Handbook provisions by reference;
    3. Is intended to create or confer a property interest in any person’s continued employment with the District; or
    4. Is intended to create or confer any third-party rights or causes of action to persons who are not District employees, except as strictly required by applicable law.
    Employee Handbook provisions are subordinate to conflicting provisions of any applicable state or federal law or regulation, any School Board-approved individual employment contract, or any Board-ratified collective bargaining agreement. Accordingly, changes in applicable laws, regulations, or contracts may supersede, modify the application of, or eliminate certain provisions found in the Employee Handbook.
    To the fullest extent permitted under the law, the District, as the employer, reserves the right to modify the provisions of the Employee Handbook at its discretion at any time. The Board will normally be responsible for approving (or rejecting) proposed modifications to the Employee Handbook.
    Where a provision of the Employee Handbook represents the entirety of, an excerpted portion of, or a direct summary of a separately-maintained Board policy or Board-adopted rule, any Board-adopted change to such Handbook provision shall simultaneously amend the associated Board policy or rule, and any Board-adopted change to the associated policy or rule shall simultaneously amend the applicable Handbook provision(s).
    The current version of the District’s Employee Handbook(s) shall be accessible to employees on the District’s website.
    Board Expectations for Employees Related to the Employee Handbook
    All District employees are subject to and are expected to review and follow the provisions of the Employee Handbook that are applicable to their position and role.
    If an employee has a concern that any provision of the Employee Handbook is or may be in conflict with any applicable state or federal law or regulation or any separately-established District policy, rule, contract, or performance expectation, the employee shall raise the concern with his/her immediate supervisor, who shall involve other employees, supervisors, or administrators as necessary to resolve the issue.
    Legal References:
    Wisconsin Statutes
    [power to do all things reasonable for the cause of education, including making rules for the organization, gradation and government of the schools]