Series 200:  Administration
    Code Title:
    Policy Code:
    February 21, 2018
    The District Administrator shall oversee the development, revision, and maintenance of written job descriptions for all employee classifications in the District. At a minimum, each job description shall list the required qualifications and the essential functions (primary duties) that have been identified for the staff position(s) covered within the relevant classification.
    Job descriptions for all professional employee classifications that require the employee to hold a Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) license, including those for administrative staff, shall be adopted by the School Board. Job descriptions for other classifications may be approved and modified under the authority of the District Administrator.
    Relevant administrative and supervisory personnel are responsible for reviewing the job descriptions applicable to their area(s) of responsibility on an ongoing basis to ensure that the descriptions remain reasonably current and accurate and to coordinate with the District Administrator or his/her designee regarding any concerns or potential changes.
    The District’s current job descriptions shall be maintained in a Job Description Handbook or a similarly-accessible compilation.
    Postings for specific positions, individual employment contracts, specific District policies and handbooks, or other supplemental descriptions for specific positions, assignments, and roles within an employee classification may augment a general job description. Further, all employees are expected to perform such duties and attend to such responsibilities as may be reasonably assigned by a supervisor.
    Legal References:
    Wisconsin Administrative Code
    [evaluations of licensed personnel to be based, in part, on board-adopted written job descriptions]
    Federal Laws
    [disability discrimination in employment; reasonable accommodations]