Series 200:  Administration
    Code Title:
    Policy Code:
    February 21, 2018
    The District Administrator, any building principal, and any other administrator or supervisory employee is responsible for making appropriate arrangements for the in-District leadership and supervisory designations that will apply during a period of leave, in his/her temporary absence from work, or when he/she will not be working on site within the District for any significant portion of a work day. As applicable to such circumstances, the employee shall also ensure that he/she appropriately conveys his/her contact information, or other applicable emergency contact information, to other members of the District’s staff who may have a need to consult with or have a decision made by an employee or official with the appropriate knowledge and authority.
    In the event of an unexpected vacancy in any administrative or supervisory position the District Administrator shall make appropriate interim arrangements for the performance of the duties and responsibilities of the position, subject to possible School Board review at the Board’s discretion.
    Legal References:
    Wisconsin Statutes
    [Administrative authority and assignment of responsibilities]