• Mrs. Vitello’s Classroom Matrix – “Soar with Eagle PRIDE

    Classroom Settings




    During Lesson

    Finished w/ Lesson




    Group Work


    Leaving Room


    Home Base






    ~Quietly report to assigned seat

    ~Be ready to learn

    ~ Have mind ready to learn

    ~Have a book to read and your reading slip.

    ~Complete on time & have a pen to correct with.

    ~Name on paper

    ~Accept consequences if late

    ~Form Groups

    ~Listen to Instructions

    ~Get materials efficiently

    ~Take all belongings with you

    ~Be in seat when bell rings with materials






    ~Have out all needed materials so the class can start on time

    ~Have journal ready to go

    ~Wait to be acknowledged before speaking

    ~Turn assignment into the basket or place it in a folder

    ~Have agenda & assignments ready

    ~Ask for help

    ~Use time wisely

    ~Work quietly

    ~Share the work load

    ~Take care of equipment and materials

    ~Have assignment written in agenda

    ~Work quietly






    ~Use good manners

    ~Start journal without being told to

    ~Stay seated at all times, unless  an emergency

    ~All comments should contribute to class discussion

    ~Stay quiet and do not bother others who are trying to work

    ~Be honest and do your own work

    ~Do your own work


    ~Stay in seat until released

    ~Work on school work

    ~Read quietly if work is finished






    ~Help create a learning environment for all

    ~Keep a positive attitude about the lesson

    ~Help teacher if needed

    ~Be responsible for own conduct

    ~Work cooperatively

    ~Be patient w/  group members


    ~Check room to see if anyone left anything behind

    ~clean room, ~get agendas signed



    Earn and Give




    ~Respect each other, teacher, and property

    ~Listen to classmates comments and opinions

    ~Keep hands & feet to self

    ~Raise your hand before speaking

    ~Stay seated

    ~Raise hand to ask questions

    ~Speak kindly and be friendly

    ~Be accountable for actions


    ~Be friendly to peers and teachers

    ~Walk while leaving

    ~I will dismiss you; not the bell

    ~I will dismiss you; not the bell

    ~No backpacks, jackets, hats etc.