3/24/2020: General Updates for Almond-Bancroft Schools

March 24, 2020


Almond-Bancroft Public Schools 


General Updates:


This school closure is a drastic change for all, students, teachers, parents, and the community.  Below you’ll find some information that will be helpful as we move through the process of how we administer school to the children of the district.  I’ve included several questions that may be common at this time. Though I don’t have definitive answers for them all, we will work to create a system that is beneficial to our students. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Rykal (jrykal@abschools.k12.wi.us or 715-366-2941 ext.123) or Dr. Boileau (pboileau@abschools.k12.wi.us or 715-366-2941 ext. 418) with any additional questions or concerns that you may have.  

Note that much of the information below is subject to change based on the requirements set by the State of WI, as well as the Federal Government.

Bus Delivery/Pickup:

  • The District will resume food delivery/school work pickup on Monday, March 30, 2020, from 1-3 P.M.  Buses will run Monday-Friday (Except on 4/10 and 5/25 - pending closure dates and state requirements as it pertains to our ability to maintain the food service program).
    • If you did not receive the food delivery on Friday, March 20th, but would like to be added to the list, please contact the Main Office at 715-366-2941 ext. 0.  Remember, the breakfast and lunch option is FREE to all students in our district that are 18 years old or younger.
    • For those not able to receive delivery, the pick up time at the Main Office Foyer will be anytime after 2 P.M.  The outer doors will remain open. There are tables designated for pickup and dropoff.
    • For students that need to return materials for grading, please return any work on the bus during the last day of the week, or feel free to drop it off in the main office foyer on the table designated for “drop offs”.  We’ll make sure the work gets to the designated staff member.


Parent Guidelines for Student Work During the Closure Period:

  • Time Expectations:
    • Elementary Students:  Approximately 1 Hour Per Day for Core Academics
    • Middle School Students:  Approximately 2 Hours Per Day for Core Academics
    • High School Students:  Approximately 3 Hours Per Day for Core Academics


  • How will classes like Family and  Consumer Science(FACS), Tech Ed, Art, and PE be handled?
    • Make certain your child is active throughout the day.  PE classes will likely be based on a log of physical activity.  Instructors will provide the students with many ideas of how they can get active.
    • FACS, Art, and Tech Ed are very much hands on courses that will likely require your child to create projects, cook, as well as be creative in other ways.  The staff are working to make these classes accessible, using the supplies and tools available to the students at home.


  • Will the classes be graded?
    • Yes, particularly with our 6-12 students. Their assignments will be graded as normal; and students can expect that they will need to take quizzes, tests, complete written assignments, and work on any other projects assigned to them by their teacher.
    • Elementary Students will be assessed through the regular report card system, which is a hybrid of standards based and letter grade assessment.
    • Staff are expected to update their Skyward gradebooks weekly, so continue to watch your Skyward Family Access Account, or have your child show you their Skyward Gradebook (6-12 students have full access to see the gradebook for each of their courses).


  • Will my high school child earn credit towards graduation for the courses they are taking?
    • Yes, high school students will earn credit towards graduation if they earn passing grades in each course they are enrolled in.  It is HIGHLY important that your child stays on task and completes work by the deadline set by his/her instructor.  
    • Seniors must be especially aware of their grades and upcoming deadlines.  If a course that is required for graduation is not passed, the student would not be eligible for earning the diploma.


Senior Trip, Graduation Ceremony, and Washington D.C. Trip:

  • Senior Trip:  CANCELED - Due to the most recent order by the governor, the Senior Trip will be canceled.  Rescheduling the trip would be ideal, but under our current situation, it's difficult to predict when we will be able to return to school and be allowed to travel as a group. We have never been faced with this before, and I will be working with the class advisors to create some guidelines for the class to follow as they decide how to deal with the funds that may be remaining in the account.  We will be working hard to recoup any funds that have been used as down payment for the trip.  
  • Graduation:  If we are allowed, we’ll have the ceremony as planned. This is highly important to the students and families, so we will also be brainstorming alternate options/methods for celebrating our students accomplishments if we are not allowed to hold the typical ceremony.  Please contact Mr. Rykal if you have any ideas of how to celebrate graduation, while abiding by the rules put into place to avoid the spread of the covid-19 virus. Send Mr. Rykal an email: jrykal@abschools.k12.wi.us or call 715-336-2941 ext. 123.
  • Washington D.C. Trip:  Our current 8th and 9th graders are currently scheduled to go to D.C. during the second week of June.  No definitive decision has been made at this time; however, with travel restrictions, the trip may not be possible.  If canceled, we’ll work hard to recover any down payment money that has already been expended. The District will make a determination as to whether we cancel the trip or reschedule it.  Parents will be informed as soon as any decision is made.


How do I keep in touch with my child’s teacher?

  • All of our staff can be found on the District Website (Staff Directory / Staff Directory).  There you will have access to send the staff member an email, which is the most effective way for you to get in touch with them.  If you would prefer to call, you can call the school number, 715-366-2941, and select option 9 for the name directory. Leave the staff member a message with your contact information, and they will get back to you soon.  Staff will be checking their messages from home during this time.


Will my child need to take the standardized testing that WI administers in the spring each year?

  • The State of WI Department of Instruction is seeking waivers for this year’s testing.  It is yet to be determined if the waiver will be granted; however, in our current situation it appears to be likely.  If WI is provided the waiver, the State Accountability Report Card that typically is released in the fall would most likely be put on hold for a year.


Does the district plan to hold Summer School (Camp Eagle)?  

  • We are continuing to plan for summer school again this year, and the registration link will remain open until April 17, 2020.  Click the link below to find more information concerning Camp Eagle 2020. This link also allows you to register your child.  Camp Eagle 2020 Registration Link
  • If we are not able to hold summer school, as soon as the decision is made, the District will contact parents so that they are aware and can make alternate plans.
  • Currently there are just over 30 students enrolled for Camp Eagle.  I would love to triple or quadruple this number! Please click the link about and register your child today.