5/29/2020: Latest Updates from Almond-Bancroft Schools

Latest Updates from Almond-Bancroft Schools
May 29, 2020
Dear Parent:
As we wrap up this most unusual year, heads are probably spinning with questions about how we will operate in the fall.  DPI sent out a correspondence the other day and it stated, "The military coined a term during the Cold War for such moments in time; they called them VUCA for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous."  These words ring true. We wish we had definitive answers for you, but at this time, we just don't know for sure what will happen in the fall.  Depending on what happens with covid over the summer, we could find ourselves in one of many scenarios including a normal opening, opening with a majority of our students attending with some choosing to stay home, having 1/2 of our students attend on certain days of the week and the other 1/2 attend on other days of the week, or full closure keeping us in the virtual learning environment.  No matter what happens, we will honor any parental request for children to remain at home.  They will not be considered truant and we will provide education at home.  We will create home learning activities that mirror what is being taught in school so children can easily transition back at any time.
Our best educated guess for the fall is we will have some form of blended learning, meaning some in school and some at home, and it may change as we get further into fall.  DPI and the state health department (DHS) are working together to put out guidelines for us.  They should be available by the end of next week.  The Portage County Health Department is issuing a plan and we should have that plan by next week also.  On June 15th, Waushara County will begin writing their county plan for reopening schools.  We most likely will not have a typical fall opening of school.  Regionally, it could look differently for school districts around the state.
We must be prepared to transition through different scenarios at different points in time.  Think about 3 months ago.  The end of February we were thinking about the play, planning a P.I.E. Dance-A-Thon, planning spring field trips, transitioning from winter sports to spring sports and scheduling state testing.  Wow, how our gears have shifted in the last 3 months.  The start of school is 3 months away.  Now think about how much could change by September 1st.
We'll keep you posted with information and details as they become available.
Thank you for your dedication and support through all the changes that have occurred over the last 3 months. 
Let’s hope for good news throughout the summer.
Mr. Rykal and Dr. Boileau