3/16/2020: Parent Letter (English) - Special Education Programming During School Closure

To:  Parents of Students Receiving Special Education Services

From:  Andria Bena/Special Education Director

Re:  Special Education Programming During School Closure


I wanted to inform you that I am working closely with the special education team in order to continue planning for special education programming while school is closed.  Since this is new territory for most schools, we are thinking of ways to try to ensure that your child continues to receive services.  For those students that have internet at home, we will continue to collaborate with the regular education teachers and will be using specific online learning programs to supplement core academic instruction.  Those students in the elementary school level will be using Moby Max (https://www.mobymax.com/signin) for the areas they receive services.  Middle school students will be using a combination of Moby Max and Google Classroom and high school level students will be using Google Classroom.  Your child’s special education teachers will assign specific work within each of these online programs.  Additionally, I did ask each of the special education teachers today to review how to log into the specific programs that they will be using with your child.  For early elementary students and those students that do not have access to internet, we will try to provide learning packets through the daily bus routes.  Currently, the plan is to have buses continue to follow routes each day and have “drop off” locations for meals and these learning packets.  The district’s plan is also to try to have support staff ride each bus to help with the distribution of these materials.  Families can also turn in completed learning packets to the bus drivers or support staff on the bus.

For students that receive speech, OT and PT programming, the district will be in contact with families to schedule these types of services.  At the moment, our plan is to try to use Google Hangouts for these types of supports for families with internet service.  Other options we are considering at this time are services via phone or within the school building if possible.  For some of these services, the district may also send exercise packets home that parents could do with their children.  Again, I am still working with these staff members to try to determine how to best meet the needs for different students within the district.

Thanks so much ahead of time for your patience and flexibility!  I know that this whole situation is very stressful for parents and community members but we can work through this together.  We will continue to be in contact as information changes or if new needs arise.  Please contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns.  My contact information is as follows: 715-366-2941 ext. 415 or abena@abschools.k12.wi.us.