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Mrs. Allison Huebner

  • The alternative program at Almond Bancroft recognizes that some students learn more effectively in a non-traditional school setting. As an alternative educator, I will strive to provide students with a safe and accepting learning environment that will challenge and guide each student toward his/her potential.

    Alternative Education offers the following:

    Credit Recovery
    Students who have fallen behind in credits may complete their courses in a variety of ways. We offer coursework through a computer-based program called PLATO and curriculum designed by the alternative education staff. Curriculum will be structured to meet the individual needs of each student. As our program evolves, more learning opportunities through video, webquests, and portfolios will be offered.

    Guided Learning Study Hall
    Students placed in this study hall will be closely monitored for success. Careful attention is paid to their progress in each of their courses; and students learn how to organize and prioritize their work. Mrs. Huebner is available to answer questions about homework and will communicate with their teachers on a regular basis.

    GED Option #2
    Students will be required to pass these five tests, but to graduate, they must also have a passing grade in health, civics, and an employability/careers program. Students earn a regular Almond-Bancroft Diploma.