• Covid update as of April 14th, 2022.

    At the April 13th school board meeting, the board voted to end COVID protocols for close contact tracing and masking requirements. Parents/guardians of elementary students will still be notified if their child has been exposed to a positive case in their classroom. 

    Covid Protocols (CLICK HERE for a PDF version)

    Covid Protocols


    Week of December 6th

    The school board recently approved the Test to Stay protocol for close contacts at school. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Jodi Becker, District Administrator, or Toni Schumacher, 4k-12 Principal at 715-366-2941.


    Week of October 18

    This week for Covid we have 2 positive cases and 11 quarantines at our secondary schools and 2 positive cases and 14 quarantines at our elementary school.


    Week of October 11

    This week we had 4 positive and 1 quarantine in Elementary and 2 positive and 4 quarantines in secondary. This was the first full week we have had our Covid Clinic open. It has been very convenient for our families, especially to keep our students in the classroom. There is a testing FAQ in the newsletter that was sent out recently. 

    Week of October 4

    This week we did have several students out for illness - especially at the high school, but we do not have many reported cases of Covid or many students quarantined because of it. There is a respiratory illness going around that has students out. This week we only had 2 active cases and 2 out for contacts at our secondary level and 7 active cases and 5 out for contacts at our elementary school. We did open the school testing clinic on Thursday of this week for the convenience of families who would like their child tested. 
    Week of September 27
    We have been very lucky for the first several weeks of school in that we didn't see cases of Covid. That did change this week. We have 1 active case and 5 quarantines in middle school/high school and 5 active cases and 12 quarantines in the elementary school. At this time we are following Portage County guidelines for quarantines of close contacts.
    These are as follows: A vaccinated individual who does not have symptoms does not have to quarantine - they can be in school with a mask on and monitoring their symptoms. A person who is not vaccinated.--They are sent home whether they have symptoms or not--They can be tested 5-7 days after the last contact that they have had with the positive case. If they test negative and don't have symptoms, they can come back to school with that negative test and mask until the 10 day mark. --If they do not get tested, they must quarantine the full 10 days and can only come back if they don't have symptoms. They monitor for four more days for symptoms.
    ABSD COVID-19 Response Update
    September of 2021
  • The purpose of this document is to provide updated guidance for COVID-19 response.  This guidance is based on recommendations from the Portage County Health Department and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  This information is not to take the place of medical advice, but rather procedures and protocols recommended under the above named agency direction.  You are encouraged to contact your health care provider or the Portage County Health Department (715) 345-5350 if you experience COVID-19 symptoms or have health related concerns.
    General questions, reporting a positive COVID-19 case or that you are waiting for results:
    Jodi Becker at (715) 366-2941 ext. 418
    Toni Schumacher at (715) 366-2941 ext. 123
    Reporting student quarantine or student absence due to COVID-19 symptoms:
    Sandy Barden
    (715) 366-2941 ext. 108

    Covid Testing Information

    We are pleased to announce that the school board approved our participation in a free, voluntary COVID-19 testing program for students and staff. Please see the letter and consent form on this page for more information. This was also sent home via mail. If you would like to provide consent for your child to be tested if he/she is feeling ill or has symptoms, has had close contact with a person with COVID or upon your request, please fill out the consent form and return it to the school. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Becker, District Administrator, at 715-366-2941 ext. 418 or Mrs. Schumacher, 4K-12 Principal, at 715-366-2941 ext. 123. 

    Click Here for Covid Testing Letter

    Click Here for Covid Testing Student Consent

    Click Here for the Link to Register for Covid Testing


Last Modified on April 14, 2022