The April 3, 2018 election results for the Almond-Bancroft School District:
    Town of Almond School Board Seat:
    • Brad Garner: winner with 398 votes
    Village of Almond School Board Seat:
    • Debbie Bradley: winner with 426 votes
    $525,000 annual reoccurring operational referendum:
    • Yes: 356 votes
    • No:  211 votes
      • The referendum passes
  • Thank You for your support!

    With the positive referendum outcome, you told us loud and clear that you have confidence in our schools.
    For this, we say a giant thank-you!
    Now, it is time for the real work to begin.  It is our responsibility to meet your expectation of continuing to provide top quality instruction for our students.
    That planning is already underway.  We have already begun to work on our curriculum and instruction strategies and our blueprint to retain and recruit strong teachers.  Technology and maintenance plans are in the works as well.
    Throughout the process of preparing for the referendum, I had a good feeling about our efforts.  Not because I was overconfident about the vote, but because of the feedback I was getting from people.  They understood our situation and how important the need is.          
    At the same time, my coaching instincts also kicked in, causing me to worry.  Many people worked countless hours to get the information out, but questions kept running through my mind:  Did we do everything we could?  Did we get the information out to as many as possible?  Did the public understand? 
    When the votes did come in, all I could say was WOW!  Our residents clearly support us and what we are doing.  The referendum did not “just squeak by,” nor was there the issue of one area supporting it and another not.  The entire district gave us a resounding yes!
    You have given our school district a tremendous vote (no pun intended) of confidence as we strive to carry out our mission of providing the best education possible to our students.  We have an exciting journey ahead of us.  Teachers, administrators, and support staff are looking forward to this opportunity. 
    We are both pleased by and thankful for the support you have shown us.  We will continue to work very hard as we grow and move forward.
    Thank you Almond-Bancroft!
    I welcome your comments or questions.  You can contact me at rhanson@abschools.k12.wi.us or call 715-366-2941 ex. 418.