Almond-Bancroft Operational Referendum
    Strong curriculum equals strong schools
    By Superintendent Rich Hanson
    Strong curriculum and instructional strategies are the backbone of successful schools.

    In education, the curriculum is the blueprint of how and what we teach our students. Every subject (reading, math, science, social studies, etc.) needs to have a curriculum that guides the subject from kindergarten through graduation.

    The lessons taught in first grade need to support the lessons taught in second grade. This stretches all the way to the lessons taught in eighth grade supporting those taught in high school.  We can’t assume that will happen.  We need to plan for and make it happen.

    A curriculum must be an ever-evolving piece of work that is continually being updated and revised to meet the growing needs of our students. That progressive curriculum needs to include new teaching strategies as well.

    The way we teach students has changed. Today, instead of workbooks and chalkboards, we use computer laptops and SmartBoards – think of a chalkboard with built-in computer. Our students need to be ready for the advanced technology society they will enter after school.

    New teaching techniques enhance learning to meet new education standards. There are new ways to teach reading and math, as well as other subjects. We know that each child learns differently, so we adapt our teaching methods to best reach each student.

    The nation, state and our community expect our students to hit the ground running when they graduate. The standards are set high.

    Unfortunately, as a school district we have faced financial challenges over the last several years that have required us to scale back funds designated to update our curriculum.  But we can’t put it off any longer if we want our students to succeed.

    Updating curriculum and allowing teachers to learn new strategies and techniques comes at a cost.

    The district is asking residents to approve a $525,000 referendum for recurring operational expenses on April 3.  A good part of those funds will be used to update what and how we teach.

    We want Almond-Bancroft students to be academically successful. We need to improve test scores and academic rigor. We do not want to be mediocre. Our students and community deserve better.

    If you would like more information about the upcoming referendum on April 3, go to our website or Facebook and click on the Referendum Information button. 

    You may also contact the District Administrator, Rich Hanson at 715-366-2941 ex. 418 or at rhanson@abschools.k12.wi.us, or the School Board Referendum Information Committee members, Bonnie Warzynski (bwarzynski@abschools.k12.wi.us), Debbie Bradley (dbradley@abschools.k12.wi.us), and/or Kim Weiss (kweiss@abschools.k12.wi.us).