• Jan. 29, 2018


    A-B District seeks $525,000 for upgrades

         The Almond-Bancroft School District wants to improve curriculum and instructional methods, address facility and site maintenance, attract and keep highly qualified teachers, and upgrade technology.
         It will ask district voters to support a $525,000 recurring operating referendum at the April 3 spring election to make that happen.
         "The school tax rate will not increase if the referendum is approved", said District Administrator Richard Hanson.
         That’s because the district is retiring a $425,000 building referendum and a $75,000 technology referendum, both of which expire at the end of the 2017-18 school year.
         “The last few years we’ve been putting off a number of school projects and upgrades because we just don’t have the money to do them,” said Almond-Bancroft School Board President Bonnie Warzynski. “But those delays are catching up with us.”
         The additional money would be used to update and improve our curriculum and instruction, help keep up-to-date with computers and instructional software, compete with area school districts to recruit and retain quality teachers, and maintain district buildings and equipment.
         "The district delayed upgrades because it didn’t want to hike school taxes", Warzynski said. "The end of debt payments for the 1998 building and 2013 technology referendums allows the district to now implement those upgrades without hiking the school tax rate", she said.

    For more information, contact: Rich Hanson, District Administrator at rhanson@abschools.k12.wi.us or 715-366-2941 ex. 418